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Medal Of Honor Frontline

Playstation 2

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Jimmy has been sent back behind enemy lines to steal the HO-IX flying wing, an experimental Nazi weapon To get it, you'll have to survive six major missions and 20 unique levels of gameplay There's all-new non-player character animations, with superior 3D details -- even full facial expressions and lip synchs Use 20 authentic WWII weapons, from a Colt. 45 pistol to a German Panzerschrenk rocket launcher You can even drive vehicles like the motorized rail car, train, and mine Medal of Honor: Frontline marks the debut of the Medal of Honor franchise on the PlayStation2. In Frontline, you go behind enemy lines as Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson. Your missions include the D-day assault on Omaha Beach, tracking your Nazi nemesis aboard a speeding armored train, the epic battle for control of the Nijmegen Bridge, a strategic choke point in the Allied drive into the heart of Nazi Germany, and a top-secret, high-risk mission to steal the Ho IX flying wing. The Ho IX is an experimental Nazi jetfighter so powerful it could turn the tide of World War II. There are 20 levels of gameplay spread across six major missions, all based on real World War II events and all adding up to one complete and uninterrupted story line. Fully realized and highly-detailed 3-D environments include six times the number of nonplayer character animations as in the original Medal of Honor. The game includes detailed German, British, and American troops, as well as Dutch civilians, all with full facial expressions and lip synch. More than 20 authentic WWII weapons include the Colt .45, Springfield sniper rifle, Panzerschreck rocket launcher, MG42 mounted machine gun, and the Browning automatic rifle. Enemy vehicles include panzer and tiger tanks, trucks, motorcycles with sidecars, and armored railway scout cars. There are also player-driven motorized railcars, trains, and mine carts. An improved enemy AI requires you to consistently vary your attack strategy as the situation dictates. Go it alone to accomplish your mission with the utmost stealth or work as part of a highly trained military unit to wreak havoc on the enemy. The game offers intense noncombat scenarios as well, such as a disguised, weaponless infiltration of an officer's pub brimming with Gestapo to make contact with a Dutch Resistance operative. Medal of Honor: Frontline includes more than 70 minutes of original orchestral music from composer Michael Giacchino, and the game as a whole features eight times more audio than the original Medal of Honor. Product Description All right, soldier! Head back behind enemy lines with Lt. Jimmy Patterson in Medal of Honor: Frontline. In this installment of the smash-hit Medal of Honor series, Lt. Patterson returns and must infiltrate the German frontline to steal the HO-IX flying wing, an experimental Nazi weapon so powerful it could turn the tide of World War II and alter the course of history forever. Choose from over 20 authentic WWII weapons, including the Colt .45, Springfield Sniper Rifle, Panzerschreck rocket launcher, MG42 mounted machine gun and Browning automatic. Review Medal of Honor: Frontline returns to its console roots with the first outing on the PS2 for Lt. Jimmy Patterson. This time the setting is June 6, 1944--D-day and beyond--and the game begins with you storming the beachhead at Normandy. Frontline definitely lives up to its name, and from the outset the action is intense. As you rush up the shingle while comrades fall beside you and artillery rings in your ears, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were on the set of Saving Private Ryan. Players of the PC incarnation will recognize this mission from Allied Assault, but here is where the similarities end. Frontline is a new game with new objectives and levels designed perfectly for the console. If you survive D-day, you enter the real meat of the game--Operation Market Garden (Arnhem). From scuttling a U-boat to clearing checkpoints in the town itself, the missions are brilliantly designed. The true playability of the Medal of Honor series is how immersive it is: the narrative, graphics, and sound all combine to create one of the most gripping first-person shooters in any format. The backgrounds are beautifully detailed, but the sound really sets the game apart. The control system is also intuitive, with the option to customize your controller or choose one of the two default options: MOH sharpshooter (two-analog-stick control)

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