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Knockout Kings 2002

Playstation 2

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Choose from a long list of champions to play as -- old masters like Ali, Frazier, Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard, along with new greats like Felix Trinidad, Oscar De la Hoya and Lennox Lewis Hit the world's greatest boxing arenas - Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, England's Wembley Arena and eight others Create your own boxer from scratch and bring him up through the ranks in Career Mode Test yourself with Multiplayer Tournament Mode -- head-to-head with 8 other players for the championship belt Responsive, fluid gameplay as the game mimics real-life boxers more accurately than Step inside the ring and prepare to face off against some of the best fighters in history. From the stinging blow of an Ali uppercut to the brutal accuracy of a Lennox Lewis jab to the face, Knockout Kings 2002 offers boxing action at its most intense. Train your way out of dingy gyms and amateur status, climb the rankings ladder, and reach for the title belt against the best of the best. An all-new game engine puts real-time boxing response at your fingertips. You can play as any of 21 current and historical greats, including Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Leonard, Felix Trinidad, and many more. Ten different venues let you fight for the championship belt in a variety of settings. You can also create your own fighter, train hard to learn new skills, and climb the ranks to earn a shot at the title. Product Description In Knockout Kings 2002, you get to stare down your opponent as the ref runs down the rules, smack your gloves with his, wait for the bell ... and let your fists fly. The speed, pain and adrenaline of professional boxing has come to your fingertips. Now it's time to show the world who's the champ! Intense, head-to-head action takes it to the mat with the superior technology of PS2.

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