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007: Agent Under Fire

Playstation 2

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A major international corporation is trying to use cloning technology for evil purposes, and only Bond can stop them Battle your way through distinct levels using Bond's spy abilities, plus help from Q, M, and the lovely agent Nightshade Select the right weapons and gadgets, then dodge, fire, and fight past dangerous enemies Use your wits to help Bond escape numerous deadly traps Live the exciting life of a world-class secret agent! In 007: Agent Under Fire, the player must defeat the evil criminal mastermind Malprave, head of a rising terrorist organization that is bent on ruling the world with an army of clones. Helping players along the way in Agent Under Fire is the gorgeous Zoe Nightshade and a cast of familiar characters. Each of the more than 10 exotic locations around the world contains a generous offering of challenging, well-balanced missions and objectives.Agent Under Fire lets players accomplish mission objectives by blasting through with high-tech weaponry, or by relying on state-of-the-art gadgets and nerve-tingling stealth. The driving levels will feature an array of 007-inspired exotic cars and automotive combat from the Bond movies. Other key features include the all-new story line that builds on the Bond legacy with villains and allies, both new and familiar; three well-balanced gameplay experiences for the single player (action, stealth, and driving); a full arsenal of Q-lab weapons, gadgets, and autos; and fluid action inspired by the 007 films. There are also enormous, detailed 3-D environments to be experienced through the eyes of Bond. Agent Under Fire will utilize next-generation console technology to help bring life to the full environmental physics and environments, including a massive deep-sea oil rig set atop a secret underwater base. The game includes single-player and multiplayer modes (with support for up to four players). Product Description Shaken, of course, Mr. Bond, not stirred. This latest James Bond title continues the spearheaded gameplay of Goldeneye. You take on the role of the famous spy and have all the cool gadgets and all the latest weaponry at your disposal. You will have to set out on covert missions and use all your wit and stealth to ensure you don't get captured by nefarious nemeses. On your missions you will have to complete tasks and disable enemy weaponry, computers and henchmen. In this game, familiar James Bond weaponry includes rocket launchers, machine guns and sniper rifles, as well as his trusty new Q toys built into everyday items. Review Who'd have thought that the exploits of a secret agent could be so underwhelming? 007: Agent Under Fire isn't exactly boring--in fact, the first time you play you're sure to be impressed by the suave looks and immaculate presentation. But it soon becomes clear that this is no sophisticated vintage Bond homage. It's merely a fleetingly entertaining blast that just happens to feature some British spy dude. That isn't to say that there aren't enjoyable elements here. There are a couple of Crazy Taxi-influenced levels that work well, as well as some mildly diverting "on-rails" shooter stages. At heart, though, like the N64 masterpiece GoldenEye, this is a first-person shooter, and one that suffers badly in comparison. The game features some clever gadgets, as well as frequent set pieces in the form of "Bond moves" that will delight the casual fan. But more experienced players will find the lack of depth here distressing. The real problem is the "intelligence" of the enemies. These are the dumbest bad guys you'll ever encounter in a video game. Coupled with the unerring accuracy of your auto aim, you could complete much of the game blindfolded. Consequently, it's difficult to feel much satisfaction, even upon saving the world. The developers have at least made an effort by providing different styles of play and a decent multiplayer mode, but 007: Agent Under Fire is (at best) an adequate game in a genre full of great alternatives. Be careful with your next Bond license, Mr. EA--it may be your last. --Steve Colton --

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