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Nascar 2001

Playstation 2

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Easily the most ambitious NASCAR game to date on any platform, NASCAR 2001 has been designed from the ground up with completely original programming code that takes advantage of the power of the PlayStation 2. With the advanced power of the Emotion Engine, the designers for NASCAR 2001 have been able to duplicate key driving points and strategies of some of the biggest names in the racing field. Gone are the days of one-dimensional AI, thanks to independent artificial intelligence routinesProduct Description NASCAR 2001 has been completely redesigned for the PlayStation2, which means that the gameplay has been as drastically improved as the graphics for this long-running racing franchise. For starters, independent artificial-intelligence routines mimic the real driving styles of the 35 professionals in this game. You'll find that some of the drivers are constantly nipping at your heels, while others are pacing you as they wait to exploit your first mistake. Polygonal damage effects and high-resolution texture maps make every wall scrape and car collision believable, while special particle effects like smoke, fire, sparks, and skid marks only add to the realism. NASCAR 2001 offers 14 tracks, including Daytona. Preview EA Sports is taking its popular NASCAR franchise to the PlayStation2. The game features a trailer full of options, famous NASCAR drivers, a season full of tracks, stats, and plenty of cars. Upwards of 34 drivers have signed the dotted line for their slice of the NASCAR 2001 pie. Adding to the list of real-life amenities are 12 official NASCAR tracks, including Daytona (previously only licensed to Sega), Sears Point Raceway, and Watkins Glen. Apart from the bumper cam, the in-car cockpit cam--two new views that add a fresh dimension to the genre--and an improved artificial intelligence, this game isn't as impressive as some of the other racers coming out for the PlayStation2. But it is a good racing game with a NASCAR license and all the bells and whistles that come with that. Also, the game does give gamers an amazing feel for the road and faithfully follows their progress, even from car flip to car flip. When a car crashes into the wall or blows a tire, you'll see the sparks fly along with metal and other debris. For even more amazing realism, NASCAR 2001 emulates the real-life tendencies of its drivers. Earnhardt takes his corners low, while Dale Jarrett is consistent. Unfortunately, we haven't seen Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewert go at it yet, but we imagine there's something in the works. Your cockpit's drafting meter also helps in close spots, allowing you to pick up speed by hugging the tail of your opponent's car and thus cutting down on your vehicle's wind resistance. --Todd Mowatt Review EA Sports already has a solid foundation when it comes to NASCAR-inspired racing games. NASCAR 2000 had an arcade-quality feel, speedy visuals, and plenty of graphical eye candy, while NASCAR 2001 eschewed this graphical fluidity in favor of realistic drafting, car damage, and a plethora of options. Thanks to the technological might of the PlayStation 2, the possibility has arisen for the best of both worlds to coexist - thick, photo-quality visuals; tight, realistic control; diverse options; and easy to pick up but hard to master gameplay. Unfortunately, EA Sports' PlayStation 2 version of NASCAR 2001 isn't the peaceful coexistence racing fans are hoping for. However, if you don't expect the world when it comes to simulation options or graphical detail, it sure is a fine game of racing. NASCAR 2001 leaps out of the starting gate with a ton of features and options. From the main menu, quick race, single-player race, single-player season, two-player race, and two-player season choices are available. Quick race places you in a random car on a random track with the majority of physics options and AI quirks disabled. Drive for six laps, have some fun, and try not to wipe out. If you want to choose a specific team, driver, track, or game option, the single race and season modes are where you'll want to go. NASCAR 2001 features 37 teams and drivers from this year's racing season, including Robert Yates Racing's Dale Jarrett, Joe Gibbs Racing's Bobby Labonte, and Team SABCO's Sterling Martin. If the stock selection of drivers isn't sufficient, you can create your own drivers as well - provided you don't mind being limited to helmet color and car choice. In terms of track selectio

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