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Virtua Fighter 32X

Sega Genesis

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Seneca - Wichita, KS
Topeka - 10th and Wayne - Topeka, KS

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Based on an Arcade Game, 3D Graphics, Motion-Capture Animation, VoiceFight the best martial arts masters with over 700 precision moves! Unleash hair-trigger punch/kick combos, throws and crushing stomps!* Eight unique fighters - Each warrior has a personal fighting style, attack strength and special moves.* Rapid, realistic 360-degree combat with 3D polygon graphics. See the fighters from all sides!* Fluid animations look just like real fighters. Get totally wrapped up in the action!Plus these NEW FEATURES available only on the Sega Genesis 32X!* Multiple camera angles - Low, high, and bird's-eye view and more! Change angles in mid-bout!* See every bone-jarring hit again in FULL MATCH REPLAY!* Customize your fighter's clothing!* Fight in group competitions with ALL NEW tournament mode!

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