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Bleach Dark Souls

Nintendo Ds

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Bleach: Dark Souls DSProduct description BLEACH: Dark Souls game for Nintendo DS marks the expansion of a dynamic cast of over 40 playable characters including Rukia, Kon and hero Ichigo. Gamers can spend hours furiously fighting while unlocking individual character stories, all based on an exclusive story arc created for BLEACH: Dark Souls. The game continues to allow gamers to build customized Spirit Card Decks, this time with the addition of power-enhancing Reiju Crystals to boost their character's heath, attack strength and defense power cards. BLEACH: Dark Souls features four player multiplayer battles via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and DS Download Play. Players can battle each other at the same time or form tag teams for team play. Finally, BLEACH fans will enjoy using the newly included encyclopedia that offers detailed explanations of the BLEACH world, character info, descriptions of their attacks and a full glossary of BLEACH terms. Players will face a variety of opponents as one of 44 highly-stylized characters in intense action-packed battles based on the animated series. For the first time ever, players will be able to assume the role of Evil Hollows, adding a new twist for gamers to explore. The Bleach: Dark Souls storyBased on the popular anime series currently in its second season on Adult Swim, Bleach: Dark Souls features a newly enhanced battle system. With new online multiplayer options and enhanced battle strategies, players can fight in dramatic high-action sword clashes via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as one of 44 characters. The branching storyline created exclusively for Nintendo DS systems allows players to fight on the side of good or evil for the first time in the series as the evil "Hollows" have finally found a way to infiltrate Soul Society.

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