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Otogi Myth Of Demons


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Control Raikoh on his quest -- you'll guide him past obstacles and through powerful, deadly demons. Complete each level before his magic disappears Incredible combat action is waiting for you in almost 30 fully-destructible environments Uncover weapons & power-ups by smashing the entire level, before your magic runs out As you play and accomplish feats, you'll be rewarded with weapon upgrades and powerful magic spells -- dynamic graphics will bring every spell to vivid life You'll need every weapon and strategic option offered - there are over 40 enemies here. All are powerful evil, grotesque and waiting to kill youFrom the Manufacturer On a dark and gloomy bridge, suspended between the world of the living and the dead, lurks Raikoh, a skilled warrior from a cursed clan. Once tasked with ending the lives of others, Raikoh himself sits between life and death after the Great Seal was broken, spreading destruction and darkness across the land. A mysterious princess spares Raikoh's life so that he may rid the world of the grotesque demons and cleanse his soul of his past misdeeds. Raikoh must travel through desolate lands to fight hordes of fearsome, immortal creatures with 12 varieties of magic, more than 30 brutal weapons, and over 10 special demon-slaying items. Trees, walls, and even entire buildings are destroyed as Raikoh unleashes his skillful fury in order to purge both the world's demons and his own. Features: Explore more than 25 massive, highly destructible levels Collect and customize a huge variety of weapons, magic, and special, demon-slaying items Deep story based on classic Japanese mythology More than 15 hours of gameplay Product Description Based on classic Japanese mythology, play as Raikoh, a skilled warrior from a cursed clan. Use weapons to unleash Raikoh's skillful fury purging the world's demons.

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