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Nba 2K1

Sega Dreamcast

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THE COURT'S GOING TO BE A LITTLE WIDER THIS SEASON. - INTERNET PLAY - Multi-player Dreamcast-to-Dreamcast network play over the Internet for up to eight total players. - FRANCHISE MODE - Build your dynasty from the ground up. Sign rookies, re-sign your free agents and say goodbye to retiring vets. - HISTORIC PLAYERS - Play with legends from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. - STREET COURTS - Play on famous street courts from around the country.Product Description NBA 2K1, sequel to the popular Dreamcast basketball game NBA 2K, brings a third net--the Internet--to the court. That's right, this game allows you to play online against up to eight other Dreamcast owners. But there's still plenty of basketball in this game for the home player. NBA 2K1 features an updated roster, authentic 3-D arenas, smooth motion-capture animation, and new commentary. In GM mode, you can guide the team to the championships by trading players, drafting rookies, and building your very own dream team. Players who thought that NBA 2K was good are in for an even better game of hoops this time around with NBA 2K1. Almost every area of the franchise has improved, and now players can hop online and challenge someone in Sioux City, Iowa--or anywhere else--if they please. Player faces are much more recognizable, and the resolution and detail of the court is higher than it was before. The coaches, too, are more animated--raising their hands in the air as a three-pointer goes up and in--and the crowd is more three-dimensional and lively. During the game, players will encounter better defense against lay-ups; also, they'll have to break down defenses with quick passing, and post up and back their way to the basket. On defense, the computer always looks for easy buckets, which forces players to double-team opponents and keep scorers to the outside. Franchise mode is the icing on the cake, as players can draft a team, and sign their own players and free agents by making offers and orchestrating trades. A few more special offensive moves would have been nice; but, as is, this is a must-have title for fanatic and casual b-ball fans alike. --Robb GuidoPros:Excellent graphics and improved artificial intelligence Players can go online and play opponents across the country Cons:Could have used more offensive special moves

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