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Toy Commander

Sega Dreamcast

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full immersion in an awsome 3d interactive envirement choose from 35 different vehicles! 50 missions with multiple objectives deathmatch mode with 3 distinct ways to play up to four-players screen Most of us remember waging monumental battles and planning out complicated rescues with toy planes, boats, and such in our youth. Now you can do the same, virtually, in Sega's Toy Commander. The premise is straight from a six-year-old's dream: some of your toys have gone bad and are rampaging through eight rooms in your intricately detailed home. It's up to you to take command of the loyal toys and lead them through 50 individual missions to put a stop to the plastic menace. The progressively more difficult missions, consisting of action sorties like rescuing toy steamboats from malicious submarines, or strategic ones like transporting eggs into a pot of boiling water, are anything but a tea party. All missions fit comfortably within the game's storyline and can be seriously challenging. The sense of scale, as you commandeer the game's 35 vehicles, is true to the look of an ordinary room to a tiny toy. Fun and offering a surprising amount of depth, Toy Commander is a nostalgic, innovative, and entertaining romp. --Sajed AhmedPros:4-player split-screen death match mode, using any of the 35 vehicles in one of the eight roomsAll the vehicles look and handle very differently, adding to the gameplayImpressive detail and interactivity in the game's environmentsVaried missions include warlike action, racing, and strategy elementsCons:Tedious mission goals could prove frustrating Product description Includes game disc, manual and original case. Disc may have a few small scratches but none that affect the games playability. All classic game store games are fully tested before being added to our inventory. Review Toy Commander is exactly what you would imagine it to be. You portray a commander of, you guessed it, toys. Everything from racecars to jets fall under your jurisdiction. Before you're through with it, this mission-based game will have you shooting pencil missiles at submarines, taking out miniature SAM sites, flying through rings, and even pushing eggs into a pot of boiling water. The game takes place inside one house, which, like most houses, is broken up into rooms. Each room has several missions inside it. The first level is the kitchen, where you'll go through a quick training and a few other missions, in which you'll pilot tanks, trucks, and planes. After completing some of the missions in the kitchen, you can move on to the bedroom, and so on and so forth. Each room has a boss, but you'll only be able to face the boss if you can achieve the best times on most of the missions in the level. Some of the times are easy to beat, while others will have you pulling your hair out in frustration. Likewise, some of the levels are easy to complete, but some are just crazy. Most of the time, the difficulty doesn't really come from enemies - simply completing the tasks given is difficult enough. This is mostly caused by the game's ultra-loose control, which prevents you from ever feeling totally in control of your toys. The toylike physics of the game don't exactly help, either, though it is a nice touch. Sometimes you'll find your truck simply sliding off the side of a countertop. The game also lets you drive trucks up walls and onto ceilings. Since we're assuming that there's an invisible boy hanging on to the truck while it's performing these seemingly impossible feats, they don't really seem out of place, and they bring a little more depth to some of the game's puzzles. Multiplayer lets two to four players go up against each other or team up in any way they see fit. The game's three multiplayer modes are deathmatch, capture the flag, and cat and mouse. The first two modes are fairly self-explanatory. Cat and mouse rewards you if you don't get hit too often, as it counts up points to the person that landed the last hit. The problem with multiplayer is that the repair items refill your health entirely, so several minutes of dogfighting can be wiped away without anyone ever having scored a point.

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