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Joe Montana Football

Sega Genesis

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Great gameProduct description It's a snap! This is your chance to rub shoulder pads with Joe Montana, the man who led the "Team of the Eighties" to four Super Bowl Championships. You provide all the fourth quarter heroics, play-calling brilliance, and pinpoint passing as you hit the field against any of 28 pro teams. Call all your own plays! Each team has a playbook with 17 offensive and six defensive options. Pick the play that you think will work best, or take the advice of Joe Montana himself, as he recommends the play he would call in each situation. You control the action on the field by switching to the key players as the play unfolds. Your strength and speed will vary by position, just like the real sport. Knock helmets with the computer or punch holes in a friend's defense. Can you keep your head cool and your passing arm hot? Pick your team. Choose the plays. Think you have what it takes to be the next Joe Montana? From the Manufacturer Pass for the touchdown with Joe Montana the man who drove his team to four Super Bowl triumphs. Now you can hurl pinpoint passes run brilliant plays and score winning points with seconds to go! Hit the field with 16 pro teams 16 smashing styles. Set your own Playbook strategy or use Joe's winning tip. Switch players at decisive moments and feel your strength and speed kick in just like in real football! Launch a hard bullet or a long bomb then dive for the catch! Stiff arm the opposition to break away down the field. Dazzle the defense with turfburning runs for extra yardage! Deliver bone crushing tackles and wave goodbye to the casualties! Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback in football history. Can you keep your head cool and your passing arm hot? Pick your team. Choose your plays. Think and pass like Joe Montana!

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