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Rainbow Six 3

Playstation 2

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Command RAINBOW in a race against time -- in locations including England, Norway, the Caribbean islands, and Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval -- to stop a madman and his doomsday plot Use strategy beforehand - Pick your team members, then outfit them with the right armor, weapons, and high-technology equipment for the mission at hand Plot out the assault of the target area on the huge, 3D map interface Lay out a plan for each squad to maximize surprise, stealth, and safety In first-person mode, lead one squad or control all three through different radio commands and signalsThe threat is real. The threat is deadly. Unleash justice as you take command of an international squad of special operatives—RAINBOW. Use cutting edge weaponry, advanced counter-terror tactics, voice-command technology to issue orders to your soldiers and much more. Go online (sold separately) for intense multiplayer gaming with 3 adversarial modes for up to 6 players.

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