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Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith

Gameboy Advance

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As Anakin, unleash the power of the dark side in ruthless lightsaber and Force attacks; As Obi-Wan, struggle to save the galaxy from darkness by focusing the power of the light side into swift and precise lightsaber attacks Use devastating Force powers and advanced lightsaber techniques, while using the Force to control enemy actions Experience dynamic 3rd-person action/adventure thrills in the Star Wars galaxy!From the Manufacturer The Clone Wars continue to rage between the Republic and the Separatists. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has been taken hostage, and Obi-Wan, together with Anakin, must rescue him! The Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith games for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS systems allow players to experience the stunning Jedi action of the movie. Developed by Ubisoft's Montreal studio, each version leverages the strengths of its handheld platform to produce the ultimate Jedi action experience. The control of multiple heroes, devastating Force powers, and never-before-seen locations are just a few of the elements in store! Features:Control multiple heroes, use devastating Force powers, and witness never-before-seen locations Battle against real Star Wars heroes and villains, including General Grievous, Mace Windu, and Count Dooku Discover fantastic Jedi abilities and powers, including the Force Push and Jedi Mind Trick Use the advanced customization system to build your character as you venture through the game Challenge friends to cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for both GBA and DS

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