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Ice Age

Gameboy Advance

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Ice Age is an Action game, developed by Artificial Mind and Movement and published by Ubisoft, which was released in Based on the new digitally animated feature film, Ice Age is about four prehistoric mammals saddled with a human infant they must protect and bring home. The game reenacts the story of the film through 10 levels that depict ice caverns, volcanoes, and many other obstacles. Players will use the strengths of two characters to achieve their objectives, taking advantage of either Manny the Mammoth's size to strike or stomp through obstacles or Sid the Sloth's ability to jump and slide. Product Description A hilarious and engaging adventure, Ice Age is a GBA special based on the digitally animated feature film. Set against the onslaught of the Ice Age - and a world filled with wonder and danger - the story revolves around 4 unforgettable misfits: Manny, an acerbic wooly mammoth (voiced by Ray Romano); Sid, an irreverent, unsocialized giant sloth (voiced by John Leguizamo); Diego, a scheming saber-toothed tiger (voiced by Denis Leary); and Scrat, a prehistoric squirrel/rat. Together, they take on one unexpected passenger - an abandoned human baby, Roshan and during their perilous quest, the 4 become reluctant allies and, ultimately, unlikely heroes.

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