We've been making more changes to the website! 
We received questions from our customers about how to easily find what they were looking for on the website, in order to help with that, we've added a new sorting option when you search for items, and we've also started streamlining what information we are searching through to improve the results that come back. Since the last update, we've also added in a new 'Deals' page that gives you links to in store specials, along with being able to look at exclusive web sale items. 

Official list of updates: 

  • Implemented Sorting for Searches
  • Made additional improvements to Search Indexing
  • We can now offer coupons for discounts on the website
  • New Blog style area to improve communications (View Here)
  • New Deals page (View here)
  • Product Discounts for the web (view deals page for details)
  • We've also implemented a new mail system to keep you up to date on everything
  • We have a website dedicated to our shirts and making purchasing them easier, click on the 'Shirts' in the menu, or (click here)