Hey there! A new year is upon us and Tradepost has a TON in store for 2018. The phrase going around our office is “Customer Experiences” and our mission is to improve that both “In Stores” and “Online”. We lined out some exciting things that we are all hyper-focused on right now and can’t wait to release them into the wild.

Speaking of the new year, if 2018 is anywhere close to what 2017 was for gamers we are in for a treat. Last year was quite possibly the BEST year for video games, ever. Yes, I’m making that claim. The amount of quality titles that launched was truly phenomenal and I’ll be working on some of those that I didn’t get to in the next few months. Also looking forward to what the Switch will be bringing to the gaming world this year as well as Microsoft and Sony.

Really entertainment in general is on a high note. Lots of great movies and album drops all year long. Everyone here at Tradepost is pumped to be in the entertainment world and are eager to consume more of it.

So anyways. Thanks to all our wonderful loyal customers and to all the new ones that have discovered us over the last year. Stay in touch with us on Social Media, check out our Tradepost Talk videos from that creative duo over at CULT, and make sure you’re subscribed to our emails so you are in the know about what’s next from Tradepost. You can also drop us a line at web@cdtradepost.com with any feedback you’ve got. We read every email, really!

Cheers, Travis
CEO of CD Tradepost & Tradepost Entertainment