Summer is still hanging on but Fall is almost upon us. The leaves will change and the eventuality of the shifting season will be here before we know it as time inevitably marches on. Things always change, and we always hope for the better. The changing landscapes of politics both nationally and worldly, extreme weather putting parts of our country at its breaking point, an economy that can’t decide if it’s for the people or for only “some” people. That we can’t decide if Kanye is just crazy or a genius. Change is always happening.

In this perspective, what is going on directly around us can seem small and inconsequential, but even that too is change and is also inevitable, and we always hope it is for the better. To me, the wonderful thing about what Tradepost is, is that we deal in fun. Art and entertainment is escapism, but it’s also a reminder that our culture celebrates creation. Movies take us on a journey. Video Games let us dive even further into that journey and touch and explore a world that is impossible. Music, oh man, Music is truly the heartbeat of our existence. There is nothing better. Collectibles, whether it be T-shirts or Funko figures or geeky books, are a true expression what we consume and love.

Regardless of what is going on in the world, the four icons that you now find under our logo; Movies, Music, Games & More are always there for us to dive into and give us a window into something fantastical and amazing. I love that Tradepost celebrates these things and I can’t think of an employee in our company that isn’t also super passionate about what we do every single day. So, I’m proud of Tradepost. I’m proud that we’ve kept our heads up and constantly pushed for change too. Whether it be the CD Tradepost most of you know and love, Tradepost Entertainment that tries to communicate with a new name more about what we do today, or Tradepost Tees which is a brand new way for us to express the geekiness that we can now all wear on our sleeves literally!

I hope that there are a bunch of you reading this and that you’ve visited us online or one of our stores recently. If you haven’t please go do one of those things today! We really do appreciate it. Your business goes to help keep our employees paid and the lights on. Every dollar goes right back into our company so we can continue to try and change for the better and stick around for another 20 years. Even better, tell your friends and family about this awesome store that sells fun at amazing prices.

I encourage you all to speak to your inner geek and engage with us. Next year will be our 20 year anniversary of existence Almost old enough to enjoy a drink! We are doing more today than we ever have in our long history to offer more to our customers. For the first time you can shop from the convenience from your phone at Design your very own T-shirt at and we’ll print it just for you and send it to your house. Check out one of over 20 designs we made because we said “that’d be awesome on a shirt!” and then we went and made that thing happen! But more importantly, go say hi to one of our employees and we will thank you for visiting with a smile and help you find whatever your inner geek needs.

Thank You, CEO of Tradepost Travis Youngblood