A Message from the CEO December 2017

Hello Tradepost’ians (yes, that’s a word i just coined…), the holidays are upon us and our stores are looking quite festive! I hope this is the start of a regular conversation, at the beginning of every month, where I can say hello and let you know a little bit about what is going on at your friendly local Tradepost store! So bear with me, I’ll be short and sweet.

There is a ton of stuff going on at our stores this month, but first I want to celebrate our 19th birthday! That’s right, this year we are just old enough to “legally” get ourselves into all kinds of trouble. So thanks to all of our wonderful employees and customers who have been with us all of these years and made Tradepost such an awesome place to visit and shop.

While December is of course a month of rock bottom prices on your favorite entertainment products, its also a month about giving to others. We are right in the middle of our annual “Credit for Kids” drive, where we ask you to bring in your old stuff and donate the credit you’d have received right to charity. We partner with some incredible organizations to make this happen, like the Kansas Children’s League and the Child Savings Institute. They take your store credit and give it right to kids who need a little help putting something under the tree. We are really proud of the thousands of dollars that this program, and you, have pulled together. So until the 14th of December, please dig deep into your old movie, music or video game collection and visit your local Tradepost store to participate. You can find out more here https://www.facebook.com/TradepostEntertainment/

Next, I want to highlight something super cool we are doing in December. Every month we feature a local artist or brand on www.TradepostTees.com our own online t-shirt shop. This month we have our first “brand takeover” with boston based group called Pun Pantry. They are geniuses at mashing food and humor and I truly love their stuff. Check them out here https://tradeposttees.com/artists/punpantry/

Lastly, did you know that we literally have a huge store full of great Christmas gifts? Everyone loves movies, music CD’s, vinyl records or video games. We also carry a wide selection of collectibles and exclusive custom, super soft, t-shirts. Even better, we sell all that stuff online and we typically ship same day. We can also find almost anything through our special-order process and we’ll have one last shipment to our stores right before Christmas.

Come visit your local Tradepost store, or visit us online at www.TradepostEntertainment.com. We’ll work our butts off to make your Christmas shopping a huge success.

Thanks, Travis
CEO of CD Tradepost & Tradepost Entertainment