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All Access

Tradepost has the best customer rewards program anywhere! For $5, customers get the lifetime benefits of:
Earning Store Credit on every purchase.
Access to members-only promotions and discounts.
Increased value for trades with Store Credit (50% more than cash).
Access to members-only programs like Disc ESP and Buck-A-Day.
A free disc refurbishment repair (a $3.00 value).


Fine print:
The All Access Program(TM) is offered at the sole discretion of Tradepost Entertainment Inc and CD Tradepost Inc. Tradepost has the right to modify, add, or delete any of the Program rules, terms and conditions, with or without any prior notice. You must present your All Access card/key tag with every purchase to assure accurate tracking of your account, or to redeem any Program benefits. Participants consent to Tradepost accumulation, retention and reasonable use of all information regarding participants acquired by Tradepost as a result of Participants' participation in Program. Points for the Program will not be earned on sales tax, reward redemptions, prior purchases, service fees or returned merchandise. Tradepost merchandise is the only way to redeem store credit. Points do not have a cash value and cash will not be paid for unused portions of the Program. Participants are responsible for notifying Tradepost of any changes of address. Tradepost is not responsible for correspondence of the Program that is lost, delayed or misdirected in the mail or otherwise during transit. Participation in the All Access Program is void if prohibited by law in the jurisdiction in which the prospective participant resides. If in any particular state the All Access Program or Tradepost has to apply for any special license, bonding, permit or other governmental regulatory approval, the All Access Program will be void in that particular state.


Beat that game already? Hated that movie? All Access members can return any recent purchase of used media for a Store Credit refund! Customers get the full amount put on their store credit minus $1.00 for every day that you’ve had it!


Pay it Forward

Do you love your All Access membership? Spread that love and get free stuff! With the Pay it Forward program, for every friend you help sign up, we will give them 10% off of their purchase, plus we’ll give you a $5.00 voucher for free product! Pick up some Pay it Forward coupons at your favorite Tradepost or CD Tradepost location, or download them here (link) and share them today!






Tradepost offers many ways to get you exactly what you want! If we can’t get it, we can put it on your Wishlist. As soon as it comes in to any one of our locations, you’ll be the first to know!

Super Shipper

When you have an item sent to your home from any Tradepost or CD Tradepost location, we will send you a coupon for $3.00 off your next purchase! It’s our way of reimbursing you for the shipping charges!


Tradepost Entertainment has tons of exciting opportunities for lovers of all things entertainment! We are always on the lookout for the best and brightest talent out there! Apply below!

About Us

Tradepost Entertainment began as a single CD Tradepost store in Topeka, KS in 1998. CD Tradepost offered used CDs at a great price. Over time, the location began to offer used movies and games as well. Fast-forward to today and there are currently many retail locations in three states offering used movies, music and games. In addition to CD Tradepost, there are multiple Tradepost Entertainment stores offering an expanded selection of entertainment including new vinyl, collectibles, tabletop games, t-shirts, and more. We cherish our history, our success, and our tens of thousands of All Access members!