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Swingin With Bing: Lost Radio Performances (RMST)


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Bing Crosby was easily the most popular personality in radio history. These 57 radio performances begin, fittingly, with Crosby's career-defining rendition of Swinging on a Star on the Kraft Music Hall show in 1944, and include such dream finds for Crosby collectors as Bing's performance of It's Magic, his only version of the song ever released, and renditions of My Foolish Heart and for You, for Me, Forever More. Then there are the duets-33 of them, including numerous tandems with Nat King Cole (Sam's Song), the Andrews Sisters (Don't Fence Me In), Louis Armstrong (Blueberry Hill) and other luminaries, plus instrumental accompaniment from the likes of Joe Venuti, Red Nichols and Les Paul. Essential American pop culture.

Disk 1

  1. Swinging On A Star
  2. Don't Fence Me in Bing & the Andrews Sisters
  3. Bing Introduces Strange Music
  4. Strange Music
  5. Tallahassee
  6. Peg O My Heart
  7. Shoo Shoo Baby
  8. Bing chats with The Andrews Sisters
  9. You Don't Have to Know the Language Bing & the Andrews Sisters
  10. South America, Take It Away Bing & The Andrews Sisters
  11. It's Magic
  12. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
  13. But Beautiful Bing With Uan Rasey (Trumpet)
  14. Bing introduces Nat King Cole Start Start
  15. Bing chats with Nat Start Start
  16. Sams Song Bing & Nat Start Start
  17. My Foolish Heart
  18. Them There Eyes
  19. Too Late Now
  20. Not Mine
  21. Bing Welcomes back The Andrews Sisters
  22. I Can Dream, Can't I? the Andrews Sisters (Patty Andrews, Featured Soloist) with Bing
  23. Sure Thing Bing With Buddy Cole (Piano)
  24. Bing Introduces Finale
  25. May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You Bing, Nat & The Andrews Sisters

Disk 2

  1. Basin Street Blues Bing & Ella With Red Nichols (Cornet)
  2. If This Isn't Love
  3. It's a Good Day
  4. Bing Introduces Louis Armstrong
  5. Bing Chats With Louis
  6. Blueberry Hill (Version 1) Bing & Louis
  7. A Fella With An Umbrella
  8. Bing Introduces Ella And Dreamers Holiday
  9. A Dreamers Holiday Bing & Ella
  10. For You, For Me, Forever More
  11. Bing & Louis Introduce Gone Fishin
  12. Gone Fishin (Version 1) Bing & Louis
  13. Lazy Bones (Version 1) Bing & Louis
  14. The Best Things In Life Are Free
  15. That's A-Plenty Bing & Ella
  16. A Kiss To Build A Dream On (Version 1)
  17. Louis Congratulates Bing On His 20th Anniversary
  18. Blueberry Hill (Version 2) Bing & Louis
  19. Bing Chats With Jack Teagarden
  20. Rockin Chair (Part 1) Jack & Louis
  21. Bing chats with Dinah Shore
  22. Rockin Chair (Part 2) Dinah, Louis, Jack & Bing
  23. Five Minutes More
  24. A Marshmallow World Bing & Ella
  25. Silver Bells (Version 1) Bing & Ella
  26. Bing Introduces Memphis Blues
  27. Memphis Blues (Version 1) Bing & Ella

Disk 3

  1. Stay With The Happy People Bing & Ella
  2. It Had To Be You Bing With Red Nichols (Cornet)
  3. Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy Bing With Joe Venuti (Violin)
  4. Now That I Need You
  5. Gone Fishin (Version 2) Bing, Louis & Jack Teagarden
  6. Chicago Style Bing & Ella With Bill Taylor (Trombone)
  7. Route 66
  8. Blue Skies Bing With Les Paul (Guitar)
  9. Istanbul Bing & Ella With Ziggy Elman (Trumpet)
  10. Lazy Bones (Version 2) Bing & Louis
  11. Bing Introduces Toni Arden & The Band
  12. My Honeys Lovin Arms Bing & Toni (With Louis, Jack Teagarden & Joe Venuti)
  13. Bing Introduces The Mills Brothers
  14. Up A Lazy River/Paper Doll Bing & The Mills Brothers
  15. Way Back Home Bing, Ella & The Mills Brothers
  16. You're Just in Love Bing & Louis
  17. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Bing & Ella
  18. Silver Bells (Version 2) Bing & Ella
  19. Bing Chats With Ella
  20. White Christmas Bing & Ella Start Start
  21. A Kiss To Build A Dream On (Version 2) Bing & Louis Start Start
  22. Bing, Ella & Louis Introduce Memphis Blues Start Start
  23. Memphis Blues (Version 2) Bing, Ella & Louis

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