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HERNANDO, the band's first studio album released on their own label, Songs of the South Records. HERNANDO also marks the first release since 2005's critically lauded and Grammy-nominated ELECTRIC BLUE WATERMELON. Where EBW was a tribute to the tradition of the Hill Country Blues legacy that always influenced the band, the brothers Dickinson, Luther and Cody and bassist Chris Chew, decided to cut the lines from the past with the new record and create their most personal sonic statement to date. To celebrate this newfound unity in independence, they called the record HERNANDO, which is the name of the town the trio grew up in together.


  1. Shake (Yo Mama)
  2. Keep The Devil Down
  3. Soldier
  4. Eaglebird
  5. I'd Love To Be Happy
  6. Mizzip
  7. Blow Out
  8. Come Go With Me
  9. Rooster's Blues
  10. Take Your Time, Rodney
  11. Long Way From Home

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