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16 Horsepower

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The sound of this Denver-based trio has been described as a mixture of Woodie Guthrie with a little Nick Cave and a touch of the early Doors, with a dash of Tom Waits. The group released a self-titled EP on Ricochet Records in August which was so successful at the indie level, A&M chose to pick it up and reissue it through PGD. "Heel on the Shovel" was serviced to college radio and the track "Black Soul Choir" (video available) will be sent to AAA, Americana and alternative formats.


  1. I Seen What I Saw
  2. Black Soul Chair
  3. Scrawled In Sap
  4. Horse Head
  5. Ruthie Lingle
  6. Harm's Way
  7. Black Bush
  8. Heel On The Shovel
  9. American Wheeze
  10. Red Neck Reel
  11. Prison Shoe Romp
  12. Neck On The New Blade
  13. Strong Man

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