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Coming Home


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Seneca - Wichita, KS


When it comes to guest musicians, "Coming Home" rolls out a red carpet: On drums, Peter's 17-year-old son Sebastian Tägtgren delivers an impressive guest appearance and for the song 'Call Me', SABATON's Joakim Brodén joins the team for some typically raw warrior vocals. But a Pain release wouldn't be a typical masterpiece without some enthralling lyrics and fascinating topics: On the callboy-singalong 'Call Me' or 'Final Crusade', the band crawl through the deepest corners of society and the human mind, while 'Absinthe-Phoenix Rising' is based upon an incident in Leipzig during Pain's tour with NIGHTWISH, where the band were attacked and beat up after leaving an Absinthe bar.


  1. Designed To Piss You Off
  2. Call Me
  3. A Wannabe
  4. Pain In The Ass
  5. Black Knight Satellite
  6. Coming Home
  7. Absinthe-Phoenix Rising
  8. Final Crusade
  9. Natural Born Idiot
  10. Starseed

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