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To The 5 Boroughs (ENH) (DIG)

Beastie Boys

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The hiatus is back off, again, for the Beastie Boys, and music lovers will bob their heads with insuppressible glee. With it's Nice & Smooth impersonations and shout outs to Brooklyn's Albee Square Mall, to the 5 Boroughs, their first album in six years, harkens the return of the trio to the city that made them who they are today. It's an up-tempo yet surprisingly homogenous assemblage of vintage electro-style party beats, and it's a strictly Beastie affair: The Boys co-wrote and produced each track themselves, which means that it sports none of the sonic fripperies and quirky collaborations that distinguished previous classics such as Paul's Boutique. Finally jelling after two years of on-again, off-again recording, to the 5 Boroughs will appeal to those fans old enough to remember the Licensed to Ill tour. Those old-schoolers are sure to appreciate the album's mostly off-the-cuff lyrics and minimal-to-the-extreme musical landscape-even if it's stripped-down sound may leave others longing for the days when the Boys were California dreamin'. -Rebecca Levine.


  1. 3 The Hard Way
  2. All Life Styles
  3. An Open Letter To NYC
  4. Ch-Check It Out
  5. Crawlspace
  6. Hey F*?# You
  7. Oh Word?
  8. Rhyme The Rhyme Well
  9. Right Right Now Now
  10. Shazam!
  11. The Brouhaha
  12. Time To Build
  13. Triple Trouble
  14. We Got The

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