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Vocal Disorder

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Council Bluffs - Council Bluffs, IA


Bio From humble beginnings in the late 80's as a high-school band working the bump-and-grind of Dublin's power-pop scene, Vocal Disorder has long had a knack for combining musical innovation with a good lyric left hook. From a varied cast of early band personnel, a core of three original members emerged for the long haul, David Smyth on drums, Ciaran McFeeney on bass and keyboards, and Pierce Healy on guitars and vocals. Touring the Irish clubs for the better part of eight years, Vocal Disorder built a small, but devoted, following of fans as they honed their performance skills and knowledge of the musical world. Finally driven from the Emeralds Isle by the collapse of the Dublin club scene in the mid-90's the trio crossed the Atlantic in 97 to land on San Francisco's foggy shores. Like many new arrivals to the American experiment, they struggled to find their own voice while coping with the alien spectacle around them, frequently surviving on little more than cheap liquor, shit jobs, and lottery tickets. Inspired, and perhaps a bit unnerved, they plunged into the studio and emerged with a disc as raggedly haunting and angry as their new homeland itself. Strewn with grinding instrumental jams which build slowly atop found sounds and nursery-rhyme melodies 'Antimellowchrist' is a fitting reply to America's short-attention span (as well as it's contempt for the arts), and a worthy addition to the tradition of raw, underground session-jam recordings.With their initial rage captured in wax, Vocal Disorder returned to the studio in 2001 to work with Kyle Statham of the band Fuck, seeking to further refine their musical talents into a new lyric fusion of European pop and American alternative rock. With the new album 'The Musical' and a tour of California to follow, and their upcoming film appearance in David Taylor's anti-corporate, science-fiction epic 'Universe', the band is poised to ignore the success they have deserved for so long.


  1. Sleepzz
  2. Drunken Mirror
  3. My Life's Script
  4. The Driving Song
  5. Fernando
  6. Beauty
  7. Purple Drizzle
  8. Broken Teeth
  9. Astronaut's Wife
  10. Broken
  11. Blah Blah Blah
  12. Lost

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