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Formed in a dilapidated downtown New York City of the late 1980s under the regime of tyrannical Ed Koch, one of New York City's least attractive mayors, Unsane's imposing presence and influence remain as diverse and expanding as the seldom dull or predictable crowds at their powerful live sets. Coming from the same pre-Quiznos East Village music scene which spawned many acts pigeonholed into what was called noise rock, UNSANE always separated itself by performing and producing sounds with an urgency and sincerity without peer even among strong contemporaries such as early Helmet, Cop Shoot Cop and Pussy Galore. The Unsane's legendary trademark sound stamps the trio's new record. Visqueen will wow fans and garner new ones. More diverse than past releases, this is by far our favorite! Bigger, better and as always, In Your Face. Look for them this spring extensive touring will follow the release.


  1. Against The Grain
  2. Last Man Standing
  3. This Stops At The River
  4. Only Pain
  5. No One
  6. Windshield
  7. Shooting Clay
  8. Line On The Wall
  9. Disdain
  10. Eat Crow
  11. East Broadway

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