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Eat Our Dust

Partners In Crime

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Salina - Salina, KS


The music is diverse, interesting, and keeps you on your toes. With intelligent melodies, catchy hooks, and killer guitar sounds, PiC is a sonic treat. CRITICS SAY: 'There's an extra surprise at the very end of the CD!!!! A very special bonus track!!!' Geekstar mag. 'They Kick Ass' Levi 'rubber duck' Jackson KASF 90.9 FM 'THIS BAND WILL ROCK YOUR F@*KING SOCKS OFF!!!' The Gardens 'The whole album has a wonderful Saturday night feel to it and each of the 12 tracks go together so well, that you can't help but be impressed as to how P.I.C. have taken simple rhythms and guitar riffs that have been cut to the bare and turned out an album that is compelling. P.I.C. prove with the release of 'Eat Our Dust' that you don't need to use all the techniques offered these days to make a quality album, keeping it simple works just as well, and you shaould have no trouble at home finding a home for 'Eat Our Dust' in your collection.' - Derik Daniel, Stormbringer Webzine Bottom line, they're road tested and audience approved. It's all about the music!


  1. Here We Are Again
  2. Simple Age
  3. Your Cause
  4. Nothing to Say
  5. Great Alibi
  6. Broken Soldier
  7. Monday Morning
  8. Candybar Wrapper
  9. Asking for It
  10. No Reason
  11. Tuesday's Child
  12. Content to Drown

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