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We Don't Need To Whisper (GATE) (PURP) (LTD) (OGV)

Angels & Airwaves

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With their 2006 debut album, We Don't Need To Whisper, Angels And Airwaves (AVA for short) strikes a blow for hope in dark times. 'The overall message on every AVA song,' Tom DeLonge (guitarist/vocalist of Blink-182) told Kerrang! Magazine, 'is that tomorrow could be the best day of your life.' Teaming up with Tom are his Box Car Racer colleague, guitarist David Kennedy, former Offspring drummer Atom Willard and one-time Distillers bassist Ryan Sinn. Tom emphasizes that AVA is no side project like Box Car Racer, nor a thinly-disguised solo vehicle. AVA is, first and foremost, a band. 'All of us have massive input," he adds. 'It's a collaborative effort.' The four gathered at Tom's studio, Never Pants Ranch, to record the album with Tom producing. 'It's taken me 12 years to learn how to write an album like this,' Tom told Alternative Press. 'It's taken 20 million records sold and arenas sold out across the world with Blink-182 to learn how music affects people, how it should be presented live and how to keep people interested (while taking) them on a journey. I feel this is some of the best music I've ever made.' We Don't Need to Whisper peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 and has since sold nearly 800,000 copies.

Disk 1

  1. Valkyrie Missile
  2. Distraction
  3. Do It for Me Now

Disk 2

  1. The Adventure
  2. A Little's Enough
  3. The War

Disk 3

  1. The Gift
  2. It Hurts
  3. Good Day
  4. Start the Machine

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