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Ikigai (SPA)


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Neuronium is the electronic music of Michel Huygen, with more than 40 albums released since 1977, plus several albums in collaboration with other big names like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra, Mark Shreeve, and also appearing in special records with Enya, Mike Oldfield & Suzanne Ciani. Ikigai is the 47th album from Huygen's project, and has been nominated for a Grammy this year.


  1. Cortical Refuge
  2. I Can Fly
  3. La Comtesse Bipolaire
  4. Le Cri Du Temps
  5. Life Is Motion
  6. No Pain No Fear
  7. One Light-Year Away from You
  8. Shadow of Shadows
  9. The Tin Line of Friendshipe

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