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Beware Of The Dog


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Who Is K9? K9 is you. The cat beside you.. The ni*** up in the hood, the brother you smoke with.. your homegirl x-boyfriend. Born in the projects of North Amerika U.S.A. Having to overcome stereotypical aspects of society thru constant clashes with authority and hardships of ghetto life. Emerging with an evolution of thought, a new found truth of self and of the world. K9 is the expression of life in the quest to unite with the greater good. 18 tracks of original, diverse, music. combined with unique, inspirational, and clear lyrics. K9 paints a realistic picture of the world with his words and a bit of Hip Hop, Reggae and Poetry. New music for the new rise in thought. 'Beware of the Dog' buy the album today.


  1. Amerika
  2. Help the People
  3. Jewels (poem)
  4. Skit
  5. I'm coming Home
  6. Down 4 Me
  7. Ms. Variety (poem)
  8. So Beautiful
  9. My Life
  10. Babylon Falling
  11. Show Some Love
  12. Where my Dogs @
  13. Shitz on my Mind
  14. Y'all Ready (Poem)
  15. Wake Up
  16. The Pit & the Pendulum
  17. The Omen
  18. Shitz (Screwed)

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