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Immutable Record 1 / Various

Immutable Record 1 / Various

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The original Immutable Record Vol.1 showcases quality acts from all over theU.S. and Canada. 20 tracks, over 74 minutes of music. Sunday's Child's 'Solitaire' is a hard-edged pop-alternative near-anthem. 'Cathedral' is Soma Holiday's nineties spin on ABC/Culture Club-era pop. Eye to Eye delivers 'Arkanska,' an R&B ska-lite entry. La Touche' fiddles it's way through danceable alternative cajun country pop on 'Waltz of the Little One.' 'She Says' is a crafted, soft, airy alternative pop song from Wookin' Pa Nub. Athens, GA's Vigilantes of Love open with an infectious groove that diffuses into a steadier beat on 'Freight Train to Nowhere.' 'Hindsight' is somewhat funky, mid-tempo alternative from Fiddle While It Burns. 'Uncle John's Funk' is Cheap Cookies' funky, punky, loud entry. Stick Man's 'Story' is a powerful, aggressive, 20-minute, punk/alternative metal music experience jammed into 3:13. 'What in the World' is a powerful, catchy, top-notch, worth-hearing, Simple Minds-ish tune from White Out. Klipspringer's 'Cliffhanger' is slightly alternative pop with an attitude. Empty Grave's 'Shatter Your World' is a buzzing, humming, meandering musical journey. The Call's Michael Been delivers 'We Know Too Much' in his trademark powerful, eventful, uncategorizably rocking way. Sandbox's '15' is Dylan-meets-R.E.M., soft-touch pop-alternative. Pietzsche Nietzsche's 'Vegetable Matter' is well-performed, odd, lurching, rough-edged, Elvis-and-Weird Al-do-alternative. What Dogs Dream About's 'Lemonade' is like rough-hewn Flock of Seagulls. You'll recognize the big-time moves on 'Motivator,' Perfect Tommy's slick techno dance track. 'Jester's Crown' is 'She Blinded Me with Science'-era Thomas Dolby-style pop from Every Eye Closed. Pipeline closes the disc with songwriting-and-strong vocals-driven strummer 'Back to Life.' If you by this disc and don't feel like you get your money's worth we'll buy it back no questions asked.


  1. Solitaire - Peacock
  2. Cathedral - Rooney
  3. Arkanska - Ferry
  4. Waltz of the Little One - Myo, D
  5. She Says - Roberts
  6. Freight Train to Nowhere - Heard, Mark
  7. Hindsight - Jones
  8. Uncle John's Funk - Lamotte
  9. Story - Bailey
  10. What in the World - Colbert
  11. Cliffhanger - Kamm
  12. Shatter Your World - Lapeitra
  13. We Know Too Much - Heard, Mark
  14. 15 - O'Dell
  15. Vegetable Matter - Pike
  16. Lemonade - Hughes
  17. Motivator - Sisson
  18. Jester's Crown - Smith
  19. Back to Life - Laird, Scott
  20. [Untitled Track]

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