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Return Of The California Takeover / Various

Return Of The California Takeover / Various

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In February of 2020, EARTH CRISIS, SNAPCASE, and STRIFE joined forces for The Return of The California Takeover, two shows paying homage to the classic live album from 1996 featuring all three bands. Released on Victory Records, The California Takeover... Live is considered by many fans of the genre as one of the all-time best live hardcore records. WAR Records is proud to release The Return of The California Takeover, which finds EARTH CRISIS, SNAPCASE, and STRIFE all in fighting form, joining forces to play sets filled with the songs that helped define '90s hardcore. Recorded live at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles on February 23, 2020, the album was produced by Aaron Bruno of Awolnation along with Eric Stenman (THRICE, DEFTONES, WILL HAVEN) co-producing, engineering, and mixing. Mastered by Arthur Rizk (POWER TRIP, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY) and featuring artwork by Linas Garsys, The Return of The California Takeover is a sonic document to a very special night shared by all those in attendance.


  1. Earth Crisis - Born From Pain
  2. Earth Crisis - Constrict
  3. Earth Crisis - Forged In The Flames
  4. Earth Crisis - To Ashes
  5. Snapcase - Caboose
  6. Snapcase - Drain Me
  7. Snapcase - Incarnation
  8. Snapcase - Zombie Prescription
  9. Strife - Force of Change
  10. Strife - Lift
  11. Strife - Stand As One
  12. Strife - Waiting

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