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Revenants (UK)

Conducting From The Grave

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1:1 - And Our War Will Dawn<br/>1:2 - The Tyrant's Throne<br/>1:3 - Unholiest of Nightmares<br/>1:4 - Her Poisoned Tongues<br/>1:5 - Path of a Traitor<br/>1:6 - Nevermore<br/>1:7 - We Who Shall Conquer<br/>1:8 - Curse in the Twilight<br/>1:9 - Revenants<br/>1:10 - What Monsters We Have Become, Pt. 1<br/>1:11 - What Monsters We Have Become, Pt. 2 [Instrumental]<br/>


  1. And Our War Will Dawn
  2. The Tyrant's Throne
  3. Unholiest of Nightmares
  4. Her Poisoned Tongues
  5. Path of a Traitor
  6. Nevermore
  7. We Who Shall Conquer
  8. Curse in the Twilight
  9. Revenants
  10. What Monsters We Have Become, Pt. 1
  11. What Monsters We Have Become, Pt. 2 [Instrumental]

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