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We've Had Some Trouble


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A singer-songwriter from the American Southeast, Randy Whitt combines all of that region's root elements of country, gospel, and blues to produce a unique sound that is on one hand wistful and lonesome, and on the other jubilant and light. Randy stays within these established genres, while sounding fresh and original. Avoiding formulaic writing, Randy manages to retain continuity throughout his work. His voice and guitar provide the consistent thread for the many moods that he conveys. 'You'll find two flavors of Randy Whitt on stage: one leads the honky-tonking Randy Whitt and the Grits, and the other occupies the rootsy and rugged end of the singer-songwriter spectrum, equally comfortable backed by a pedal steel or a laid-back horn section. Same talented dude, different shades of twang.' - Rick Cornell Independent Weekly After finishing a national tour, including stops in California, Texas, Alabama, and Hawaii in support of his independently released album So It Goes, Randy followed the same path in supporting the follow-up Alone Again. Both Albums achieved success with very little promotion other than touring and playing live as much as possible. Now he is releasing 'We've Had Some Trouble'. The Sound Of Things to Come 'This CD sat on my shelf for a week before I got around to listening to it. You know, the whole busy life thing. But then, I listened to it, and then again, and then again. This is not a work intended for the consuming masses. This is a work intended to get what's in Randy Whitt's head into yours. For lack of a better way to say it, it's Art...with the capital "A". But it's hard. No song is going to go the way you expect it to go. No guitar is going to pickup where you think it will. It's hard and dense, and completely noncommercial. This is what happens when an artist expresses himself. This is a new genre. So, listen to it. Then listen to it again. And again.' -Andrew Parsons During the last two years in Chapel Hill, Randy has picked a top-notch backing band from the bevy of musical talent that the town offers. This lineup, featuring piano, harmonica, bass, and drums, provides Randy with a solid backdrop and is now preparing to accompany him on tour. Randy and his band have been featured performers at festivals all over the east coast and have received substantial acclaim in a short amount of time. He has played at the Grassroots festival in Ithaca, N.Y., the Shakori Hills Festival in Silk Hope N.C., the World Beer Festival in Durham, N.C., and many others. Randy has opened or shared the stage with the likes of: Bobby Bare, Jr., Southern Culture On the Skids, Los Lobos, Patty Loveless, The Avett Brothers, Del McOury, and the Two Dollar Pistols. With enthusiastic touring and playing within N.C., Randy continues to gain notoriety and fans all over the country.


  1. (The) Look in Your Eyes
  2. Pretty Dress
  3. Ain't Done Nothin' Wrong
  4. Rollin' On
  5. Pray for Me Someday
  6. Angels Ain't Chasin' Me
  7. Intact
  8. Funeral of the Sun
  9. Suit of Clothes

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