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A Very Larry Christmas

Larry The Cable Guy

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Get ready to laugh out loud with a VERY LARRY CHRISTMAS, the new comedy album from Larry the Cable Guy, one of the co-stars of the hit WB series "Blue Collar TV."


  1. Christmas Commentary
  2. The Christmas Story
  3. Santy For A Day
  4. Oh Holy Crap
  5. Fat Holiday Relatives
  6. Singing Christmas Tree
  7. A Letter To Shania Twain
  8. O Little Girl From Birmingham
  9. Waiter Commentary
  10. Donny The Retard
  11. Pissed-Off Christmas Poem
  12. The Most Wonderful Ass
  13. Titty Bar Christmas
  14. Easy-To-Assemble
  15. The First Queer Santy Claus
  16. Fruitcake Commentary
  17. Santy Claus, Santy Claus
  18. I Pissed My Pants
  19. Christmas Weight Gain
  20. Grandpa's Thanksgiving Story
  21. On The First Day Of Christmas
  22. Redneck Santa Claus
  23. Hark, The Hairlip Angel
  24. A Letter To Santy Claus
  25. Sticks And Horse Turds
  26. Call A Doctor
  27. Gift-Giving
  28. I Wish My Mother-In-Law'd Get Hit By A Car

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