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Left Foot Green

Left Foot Green

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Left Foot Green by Left Foot Green is the bands proudest achievement to date. This album represents for the band a transition from the old sound to the new. With 5 exciting tracks, Left Foot Green is making a bold statement about the roll of rock. There are elements of hard rock, heavy metal, glam rock, punk rock, grunge rock and pop rock. But all of these styles are tied together by the creative and novel use of the electric violin, by Harmony Greenhalgh. The guitar work of Brad Jones is virtuosic, precise and flavorful. Danny Schade's drumming is dynamic, powerful and groovy. Frontman Russ Kettle belts long and rich notes with irreverence and frenzy. The combined effect is a powerfully unique piece of rock history in the making.


  1. Must Be Love
  2. Heartbreak
  3. A Better Reason
  4. Facebook
  5. Stay Away

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