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Again & Again

Brilliant Colors

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2011 album from the San Francisco-based band. The mood is confessional and late-night dreamy; Jeff Scott's unadorned vocals and eloquent lyrics are personal, direct and atmospherically deployed, mixed in with the songs like another instrument. They can be heard to great effect on tougher songs, tempering those tunes' punchy punk dynamics with their melodic sensibility. Add in classic-sounding stormers and one has all the makings of another great Brilliant Colors album, one that shows how finely they've honed their own unique brand of punk-informed crash-pop.


  1. Hey Dan
  2. How Much Younger
  3. Value Lines
  4. 'Round Your Way
  5. Back To the Tricks
  6. Cult Face
  7. Painting Truths
  8. Hitting Traffic
  9. Telephone Stories
  10. L.A.'s

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