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Defying The Penultimatum

My Own Dawn

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Although My Own Dawn has been around for many years, Defying the Penultimatum is their first published album. This album should be listened to as if it were a soundtrack to one's life. The joy, sorrow, anger, and energy that you will hear in these songs is a reflection of the experiences of the bandmates through all aspects of life... families and friendships, work and play, hardships and celebrations. Defying the Penultimatum is not a collection of songs. It is an album that tells a story. All of these songs have been written, played, recorded, mixed, mastered, and engineered entirely by My Own Dawn. We are proud of the result of our efforts and we feel that our sense of ownership will be obvious as you listen to, and experience, Defying the Penultimatum.


  1. Silently Sinking
  2. Wholesale
  3. Flange
  4. Breathe Forever
  5. Choose a Million
  6. Road
  7. Secret
  8. Even If
  9. Dorothy
  10. Die Young (As Late As Possible)
  11. Motorized
  12. Taciturn Wound
  13. Mercury / Opus
  14. Violet

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