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New Driveway Soundtrack

Cobra Man

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2017 release. Fearlessly drop into Goner Records' first foray into the sunny summer skateboard scene: Cobra Man's debut album showcases the wild-ass energy of The Worble skateboarding, perfectly interpreted through the minds of long-haired session musicians of '80s Los Angeles. This infectious neon celebration will surely freshen the spirits by satisfying the search for classic innovation and fun. Follow us as we push further down the driveway, the New Driveway.


  1. Fire
  2. Fistfight at the Stoplight
  3. Friends of Tom
  4. Lazyman
  5. Magic Hour
  6. Manramp
  7. Masters of the Universe
  8. New Driveway
  9. Ociffer
  10. Old Driveway
  11. Research Project
  12. Weekend Special
  13. Worble Jamboree

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