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The varied career of Rob Getzschman starts in the entertainment town of Omaha, Nebraska, where he sang in musicals, peddled Runza Hut on television and served as a poster boy for Boys Town. After a formal education in St. Louis, Getzschman moved to New York City, where he took lessons from Dave Van Ronk and lived out the Lower East Side's antifolk scene. After a year working the clubs in Boston, he settled in Washington, DC, where he formed his first band and engaged the lively DC indie scene. In the last year, Getzschman moved to Los Angeles to seek out a wider audience for his music. 'For Mature Audiences Only,' Getzschman's sixth solo release, is Muppet music for old folks. He departs from indie stylings to compose a broad album specifically for senior citizens, from lounge to pop, cha cha, folk-rock and country blues. The resulting concept album is a whimsical tin-pan alley homage to old age for the +60 demographic. Executive Producer Judith McKelvey commissioned the project to tap the senior market, for whom little content is written. Getzschmans' other album releases include the nouveau-punk And How They Flew, with his band, Analog Jetpack, released November 2007. His last solo album, Hypocrisy In The Genius Room, was also his first self-produced album, building on the experience of previous albums. Getzschman self-released three albums from 2001-2003, including 'Heirs Of Pretension', 'Brooklyn Demos' on tape cassette, and 'Eleven Coming Back'. His first album, 'songs for the anti-de-counterrevolution,' was produced by St. Louis' DJ Crucial in 2000.


  1. Growin' Old Ain't So Bad
  2. Friends Are the Bookends of Life
  3. A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Lose
  4. Putting on the Weight
  5. Too Many Pills
  6. Time to Stop Driving
  7. I Need a Ride
  8. A Day at the Old Casino
  9. Twilight Love
  10. All Your Tomorrows

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