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Jesus Shaves


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$have is a band of like minded musicians from Long Beach who believe in making guitar driven, lyrically entertaining, high energy rock. Drawing on influences as diverse as The Ramones and Jimi Hendrix, lyrically rich as Frank Zappa or Ween. Compositionally they can be as challenging as Brahms and Led Zeppelin, or as simple as Motley Crue or Beck. $have acheives a blend of music that is at once familiar yet uniquely their own. Never derivative of popular music or the 'genre of the month', $have consistently makes music that sounds only like $have. Currently $have is supporting their new release Trans Universal Worldwide, a CD of edgy rock tunes they recorded last year. The CD is getting rave reviews: 'This CD is absolutely brilliant, the lyrics are amazing, it totally rocks' - Johnny Jones (COMA) $have formed in Long Beach in 1993 when Dave Cornblum and Dave Shea met Steve Cross and Rob Fadtke (Long Beach Cake) through mutual friends in the band Sublime. Cross and Fadtke became the rhythm section for the Daves' existing acoustic material. Soon the band began writing songs together and perfoming. 'We took any gig we could get. One of my favorite early gigs was opening for Sublime and The Mentors at The Golden Sails on Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach. There were about 600 people there, and I played fuzz bass through Eric's amp. I think everybody got laid that night' - Elder D. In 1994 Shave recorded their first tape 'Discover Yourself'. It was mixed by Miguel of Skunk Records. 'We just put their logo on it and passed it off as a Skunk release.' - Cornblaster In 1995 Shave put out their second tape called 'Hold Your Own'. It was mixed partly by Miguel and partly Anthony Arvizu. Both of whom worked on the Sublime calssic '40 Oz. To Freedom'. This tape was released on the new label Headchange Records. In 1996 Shave started tracking their first CD 'Jesus Shave's'. This CD was done at the Cake House in Long Beach. It was mixed by Edler D and Released in 1998. They received national airplay on songs 'Barely Legal' and 'Hummer'. The release of Jesus Shave's really raised the profile of Shave. They became part of an art community known as the Bong Leach Collective, and started playing the now famous warehouse parties. The Jesus Shave's song, 'Los Alamitos', was a hit for former KROQ DJ, The Poorman, on his new radio station; the song was infamous for being the song with the most 'F Bombs' (16). Shave hired Scott 'The Fever' Evers on second guitar in 1999. The road tested Fever got his chops touring the world with Urge Overkill. Also in 1999 Shave made a video, directed by John Howard, for their song 'She's A Ho' from the Jesus Shave's CD. Shave recorded in 2000 and 2001 for the CD 'Shave The Nation', however, that project was temporarily shelved by the record label and has yet to be released. In 2002 and 2003 $have recorded their new release 'Trans Universal Worldwide'. Pro drummer Scott 'Heavy Doodie' Devours (Oleander, Ima Robot) joined up to record and play live. His heavy drumming - along with the switch of Elder D to guitar and Fever to bass - makes this CD rock harder than anything $have has ever released. The biggest compliment we get as a band is that we don't sound like we ripped any other band off for a sound. We just sound like $have.


  1. Papa Jon Detox
  2. Los Alamitos
  3. Motions Of Love
  4. Hummer
  5. She's A Ho
  6. Someone Took My Car Away (Again)
  7. Drinkin And Driving
  8. Inspiration
  9. Hold Your Own
  10. Barely Legal
  11. Phoney
  12. Stop Quotes
  13. Stop

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