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Americana Lovebirds

Americana Lovebirds

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'...the most curious blend of Betty Crocker and Hustler magazine.' - Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange 'Country hasn't been this subversive since the 60's when the outlaw rumblings were first brewing.' - Chris Spector, Midwest Record 'The music that they create is some of the finest in the genre.' - Kevin Bligh, 'The Americana Lovebirds are bringing their optimistic outlook like a ray of sunshine to the music scene.' - Carol Vaughn, Mosaic Magazine 'I smiled a lot! It's lighthearted, good fun.' - Joe Funderburk, Thunder Audio Productions Heart-crafted homespun country fun is the name of the game when you're listening to these two lovable singer/songwriters. Their chemistry is evident immediately, and their performances delight listeners of all ages. The term "Americana" is often used as a description of folk art. This thought penetrates and pervades The Americana Lovebirds' approach and thrusts it's way into their music. The Americana Lovebirds' self-titled album showcases ten delightful, quirky original tracks penned by the lovable duo. The lighthearted album mixes contrasting musical characteristics in unique and varied ways: laid back acoustic roots music with energizing musical comedy; creative collaborative original compositions with endearingly familiar influences; and stripped down accompaniment with intricate vocal harmonies. Featured tracks include 'Country Love', a quirky little upbeat tune waxing rhapsodic on the merits of having a good ol' time 'making time', as it were. The innocence of the song and it's singers help to transcend the risque nature of the lyrics until what could have been delivered as down and dirty comes across more as naive and innocuous. In the same vein is the song 'Once Upon A Rumpled Morning', a charming tale of an evening out drinking and the results upon awakening the next morning in the company of an attractive stranger. Again, what could have devolved into a ribald mockery is saved by the well-intentioned naivete of The Lovebirds, and the song ends with a good-humored nod and a wink. Every song is done in good fun, and the positive nature of the loving duo never flags. The Americana Lovebirds are a brilliant collaboration of melody, harmony, beauty and humor. Their songs are stories of life and love. Jason and Amy are accomplished musicians and songwriters who show the promise of delivering an iconic Americana standard. Songs of innocent flirtation, new love and feelings borne of the soul are amongst the collection you will find in this new release. Exhibiting excellent choices of music phrasing and instrumentation, their music is full and defining without being crowded or heavy. This album is sure to be a crowd pleaser among those of us who remember life's simpler pleasures. Jason W. McKinzie follows in the tradition of tunesmiths throughout time immemorial, dipping his musical cup gratefully into the river of those who have come before him. Genres are no obstacle for this composer. Walls are meant for climbing, and the illusory walls of art are no exception. Amy Celeste Young-Beard has long been involved with the writing and performing of soulful, heartfelt music of many varied styles, and her captivating voice has been described as heavenly. Years of immersion in traditional and non-traditional art has helped hone her unique presence. The Lovebirds' familiar yet innovative music is influenced by songs from varied genres, including Country, Folk and traditional tunes passed down through the ages. The Americana Lovebirds will influence their own successors someday and are the new Americana artists to watch.


  1. Country Love
  2. My Darling Dear
  3. Doctor Please
  4. You Didn't Just Happen By
  5. Kick Up Your Boots
  6. I'll Be Ready in a Moment, Dear
  7. Let's Kiss and Make Up
  8. Times Like These
  9. Once Upon a Rumpled Morning
  10. I Wanna Be Your Only Cowgirl

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