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Bear Language Bear Language is a new movement in sound, channeling eclectic funk and hip-hop sensibilities into indie alternative rock. Having banded together in the fall of 2011, this young Boston group moves at nothing but a fast pace. The collective has supported shows and festivals for nationally touring acts including Filligar and Wale, and Coldplay has taken note, featuring the band on their Hypnofeed blog. SPIN Magazine and Indie Shuffle recently named Bear Language among the top artists on Red Bull Soundstage. The Ventriloquist, their latest EP recorded at Converse's Rubber Tracks studio, has "all the hallmarks of unrivalled capability and is consummate with original composition use and expert vocal structure that is on par with the greats that we all know and love," writes Aerial Noise. 3rddy Baby 3rddy Baby, aka Third Degree, one 4th of New England's hottest super group 'DCFAM' is undeniably the kind of artist the game's been missing. 3rddy Baby, also known as 'Mr. Oh So ProLiFic', has a fearless style: mixing an aggressive flamboyant flow with powerful punchlines and wordplay. Best know for his melodic, virally catchy hooks, 'Mr. Oh So ProLiFic' has already made a tidal wave splash on the local hip hop scene in the Greater Boston Area. Hailing from the gritty streets of 'East Ville' he combines street bravado with an uncanny swag and taste for all things fly. Fueled by adversity, This self proclaimed 'musician' is becoming the Definition of a superstar and WILL BE the meaning of a's only a matter of time! Nikolas Metaxas Characterized as a blend of Brandon Boyd, "old school" John Mayer and a "young" Elvis Costello, Nikolas has something about him that just makes you listen! Nikolas Metaxas established his vocal chops on the hit TV-Show, X-Factor (Greece) impressing millions. Shortly after earning 2nd place on the show, he went on to represent Cyprus as a composer in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, with the song "Firefly"(Sony-BMG) topping many iTunes charts across Europe. Thought provoking songwriting, inspiring vocal chops and a growing fan-base and online presence prove Nikolas is here to stay. Sharin Toribio Sharin Toribio was born in the 1980s in Tampa, Florida. As a teen, she earned countless awards and accolades and performed for hundreds of attendees at various youth conferences, festivals and concerts. Sharin continues to compose and perform her music at Berklee. She is proud to have worked with artists and producers such as Eddie Perez, Jean Rodriguez, Toby Love, and Obie Bermudez. Her strong musical influences lie in the beautiful raw messages of pop country music, Spanish pop ballads, and R&B, and her greatest vocal icons are Gary LeVox, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Lauryn Hill, and many more. Red Oblivion Red Oblivion is a rock band based out of Boston Massachusetts, USA, with backgrounds in a multitude of styles including classical, metal, world music, pop and electronic. Red Oblivion blends a traditional lineup with the heaviness of amplified cello in an evolving passionate collaboration. Brite Lite Brite Brite Lite Brite, made up of singer/guitarist Andrea Stankevitch and guitarist/electronics master Luke Johnson, is one of the most talented acts I have had the pleasure of representing. Brite Lite Brite brings a fresh feeling to the over-saturated market of electronic music. Johnson programs intricate beats, providing pulsating rhythms that serve as the backbone of the band's song structure. Over these beats, droning guitar melodies are layered to give a spacious atmosphere in which Andrea's vocals dance, tumble, whisper, and scream. If the beats are the backbone of the music, these haunting vocals are surely the heart Bent Knee Combining orchestral textures, haunting vocals, experimental sounds, and an astonishing dynamic range, Bent Knee has been reviewed as 'a theatrical and imaginative gorup that puts on a great spread (Mass Mic).' Their songs morph rapidly and unpredictably between fragile passages that are 'dark, mysterious... and dare I say beautiful? (Olive M


  1. Creeping (In Your Head) - Bear Language
  2. I'm on Fire (Beam Me Up) - 3Rddy Baby
  3. Miracle - Nikolas Metaxas
  4. Over You - Sharin Toribio
  5. Aqua Jesus - Red Oblivion
  6. I Lost My Heart Tonight - Brite Lite Brite
  7. I Don't Love You Anymore - Bent Knee
  8. Walk Like a Demon - Evolfo Doofeht
  9. Wanderer - Sirma
  10. I Don't Mind - Sarah Walk
  11. First Time - Melanie Lynx
  12. Lady - Stone Giant
  13. You Couldn't Hold on - Canary

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