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Bittersweet Highway (CDRP)

Bittersweet Highway

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Bittersweet Highway is Rene' Janiece and Wayne McKinzie: a musical duo residing in 'the borderlands' of Northern New Mexico/Southern Colorado, writing and performing a style they have dubbed 'Progressive Folk.' Their music is fresh and hard to categorize, meaning they have a truly original sound. Evocative storytelling, captivating musical phrasing and unusual instrumentation are fast becoming trademarks of their music. Influences of folk, jazz and blues weave together in their soulful melodies, surprising the listener and creating a ride of emotional sound. This self-titled debut album was completely fan-funded through Kickstarter. It stays true to the live sound you'll hear in performance, while taking advantage of the studio to build layers of instrumentation previously unexplored. It features 10 completely original songs, one original accompanied by the lyrics of the beloved poet e.e. cummings (used with permission), and one arrangement written by local Taos, New Mexico singer-songwriter, Evan Joyce. The additional talents of musicians Don Richmond, Don Conoscenti and Mark Dudrow round out the album with style and insight unique to each. The Bittersweet Highway sound is supported with instruments ranging from accordion to banjo, steel lap to electric guitar, saxophone and cello. These songs will echo long past the first listen.


  1. Bittersweet Highway
  2. Juanita
  3. Recycled Love
  4. Free
  5. I Carry Your Heart
  6. All Alone Blues
  7. Kate Mann's Horse
  8. Slide
  9. November Blues
  10. Moonlight Horses
  11. Alone in the Night
  12. Should've Come to Colorado

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