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Plasticsoul is the ironic moniker under which one finds singer/songwriter/producer Steven Wilson, his guitar and his book of clever pop tunes. Ironic, because Wilson's music and thoughtful lyrics are anything but plastic. Over the past decade, Wilson, has been performing various roles in numerous bands while compiling a large catalog of original, dynamic pop songs. A guitarist and songwriter since his early teens, Wilson has put his inspiration and stylings to work with veteran musicians such as Josie Cotton, The Cages and members of the indie-pop sensation Goldenboy. Many artists have shown the ultimate appreciation for the music of Plasticsoul by performing it live and on record. International audiences have recently proven that Wilson's music crosses international and cultural boundaries by pushing his 'Sunblessed Cleopatra' EP into the college radio Top 20 in Germany, Canada and Brazil. Through songs that provoke thoughts and inspires memories, Wilson has created a local following that expects music to speak to the intelligent part of their soul while lifting their spirits with melodic blends of different musical styles. Yet each song is stamped with Wilson's recognizable beats, chord structures and sonorous and livid vocalizations, making his entire catalog easy to attribute to this act known as Plasticsoul.


  1. Broken Bones
  2. Heartbeats and Baby's Breath
  3. Saintly
  4. You Choose Me
  5. Over and Over
  6. Ten Stories Up
  7. Roof Above Your Wheels
  8. Borrowed and Gone
  9. Paper and Paraffin
  10. Sleep Baby Sleep

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