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Dyno Is Sol Waters


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'Dyno brings that new skool future funk with twisted percussive rhythms and dusty beat music for the soul. Check tracks like 'Sol Waters' and 'Your Fire' - the vocals of featured vocalist Haider sweep gently through this Rhodes and bass ridden track. As Dyno so subtly puts it's something to sex to. With a snippet of rightly used Jimmy Walker to explain Dyno is Dynamite!!' Jay Scarlett (Sound In Color / Spacek) A young emcee, producer and DJ; Dyno's sound is best described as organic, yet modern Soul-Hop with an urban edge. Striving to bring forth positivity in his lyrics, his consistent flow and rhyme patterns have received strong acclaim from fellow artists and music lovers.


  1. Influences
  2. Sol Waters
  3. Yejumi Feat Yejide the Night Queen
  4. Earth Untitled Feat Rub
  5. It's Over
  6. Jazzed Up II
  7. Why Are You Crying ?
  8. Udunnah Feat Voice
  9. Audition
  10. Your Fire Feat Haider
  11. My Soul
  12. Innerlude
  13. The Diagnosis
  14. Highway Travel
  15. Out of Bijilo

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