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Something Delicious

Something Delicious

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Something Delicious formed in the spring of 2006. Their sound quickly evolved from an "awk-rawk" outfit into a 4-piece jazz-core ensemble. The band strives to meld genres, integrate visual arts, and push the boundaries of comfort and fun. Armed with soft and aggressive vocalists, drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, keys, vocal effects and body paint, the band exudes energy, creativity and intensity on and off the stage. Their "short-attention span" approach to music sees the band change genres mid-song, from jazz to metal, from funk to folk, from punk to hip-hop and more. The band always seems to be exploring various styles to add to their ever-expanding repertoire. "If we think of it, we do it" says Singer/Trumpet player/Keyboardist Pat Rousselle. Something Delicious is a band you have to see to believe.


  1. Gamblor
  2. Soup Juice
  3. Faker
  4. Business Strategies Control Our Biographies
  5. Publicity Stunt
  6. Pirate Zombies
  7. Awkward Comfort
  8. N.A.O.R

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