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Kaleidoscope Songs 2

Kaleidoscope Songs

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2006 Winner of the Adding Wisdom Award from 2006 Winner of the Children's Music Web 'Best Album For Older Children (8-12)' 'My little 3-year-old daughter is just CRAZY about Kaleidoscope Songs 2!!! I mean, she's WILD about it! You know, we have other kids' CD's - When we listen to them, she likes them well enough, but never requests them. When I ask her what she wants to listen to, it is ALWAYS 'the far-out guy' (so dubbed because Kaleidoscope is, well, far out!). And then, she dances like a maniac! We LOVE your music. As the Mom, I'm SO HAPPY my daughter gets such pleasure from such QUALITY children's entertainment. Thank you, thank you, so much, for what you do.' Kaleidoscope Songs Number 2 continues in the same vein as Number One - Children's songs for growing, knowing and learning to love life and all that it has to offer us. Songs like 'I'm So Glad', 'When I Cry', 'Don't Say NO!' and 'So Blue' bring us into the experiences of life that we all share. When we come together as a family, as a classroom, or as friends and sing these songs all of the thoughts and feelings that we have in common are revealed. When we experience this unity we learn to open our hearts and to see all life as beautiful. It is our wish that these songs become the songs of childhood - that learning to love, to talk, to express one's self, to share, to be open to life will carry on through adulthood making our world a better place for all to live. Guitars, percussion, French horns, trumpets, drums, pianos, violins and lots of children's voices make Kaleidoscope Songs Number 2 musically rich and engaging for both children and adults. Don't be surprised if the CD keeps on playing after the kids are dropped off at school!


  1. I'm So Glad
  2. Everything Opposite
  3. Good Day/Bad Day
  4. When I Cry
  5. Don't Say NO
  6. The Laugh-a-Lot Song
  7. So Blue
  8. My Toys
  9. It's Not Fair
  10. Birdsense
  11. Nothing
  12. A Way With Words
  13. Again!
  14. Dream
  15. Snow Day
  16. Fire Is Fierce
  17. Water Lily
  18. Rock Of Ages
  19. Sleepy Time

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