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Vol 4: Slaves Of Fear


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2019 release. Vol. 4: Slaves Of Fear uses every tool in contemporary production to make a terrifying, exhilarating album. But beneath all of that, Vol. 4: Slaves Of Fear also has some of the most vulnerable and evocative songwriting of Health?s career. In the lyrics, singer Jake Duzsik confronts death, isolation and hopelessness with an uncommon candor and intimacy. Album closer ?Decimation? is the most radical move in the band's catalog to date: a gorgeous guitar ballad, a plea for purpose and meaning in a time that makes both feel impossible.


  1. Black Static
  2. Decimation
  3. Feel Nothing
  4. God Botheror
  5. Loss Deluxe
  6. NC-17
  7. Psychonaut
  8. Rat Wars
  9. Slaves of Fear
  10. Strange Days (1999)
  11. The Message
  12. Wrong Bag

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