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Circle Is Cast


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Libana, New England's international touring world music ensemble, formed in 1979 by Artistic Director, Susan Robbins, has been researching, performing, and celebrating songs, dances and instrumental music from around the world, especially as handed down through women's traditions. In addition to ther deft renderings of World folk music, Libana has garnered renown throughout the New Age and spiritual audiences for their contemplative offerings of rounds and chants. A Cirlce is Cast exudes the joy of singing in community and celebrates the nuances of seasons, the beauty of Mother Earth, the solitude of meditation and the rootedness of ritual. A Circle Is Cast draws on Native American, African, Anglo, Israeli, European, Renaissance and contemporary folk sources to create a unique collection of spirited rounds, chants, and songs. Performing members of Libana on A Circle is Cast: Lisa Bosley, Jane Goodman, Judy Kaye, Charlotte Miller, Marytha Paffrath, Janet Penn, Susan Robbins, Martha Rounds, Anne Slepian, Karen Thomas, Linda Ugelow and Cheryl Weber. What the reviewers say: 'Hauntingly beautiful -- very, very highly recommended!' Ladyslipper Catalog '...a lovely gem ...that stands alone and shines with specialness ...a jewel of a recording.' -CHINABERRY BOOK SERVICE '...the genuine talent in the arrangements and of the singers with their pure, powerful voices mark this collection as a real work of art. Recommended highly.' -HEARTSONG REVIEW '...a fascinating journey on many levels...The dynamics of Libana's vocal abilities are a wonder, providing a potent chant and instilling a sense of reverence... A Circle Is Cast reaches into my heart as a woman and gives me a sense of oneness, a communal spirit linking each and everyone of us together.' -THE GREEN MAN REVEIW.


  1. Ah, Comme C'est Chose Belle
  2. Sure as the Wind
  3. A River of Birds
  4. Autumn Time
  5. Fly, Fly, Fly
  6. In May, That Lusty Season
  7. Lachen
  8. Full Moonlight Dance
  9. Kore Chant
  10. Ma Belle Sinkwanee
  11. Young Rider
  12. As I Mee Walked
  13. The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water
  14. A Circle Is Cast
  15. Mowtay
  16. The Earth Is Our Mother
  17. Ancient Mother
  18. Russian Lullaby
  19. Eyli
  20. Higher
  21. Round and Round
  22. Sisters, Now Our Meeting Is Over

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