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Precious Moments


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Imagine Johnny Cash's patented boom-chicka-boom played through Dick Dale's amp and delivered with the recklessness of the hey day of De-Troit Rock City. Toronto's The Sadies bring it in all shades, even a haunting little ditty with Neko Case ("Cowhand") Produced by Steve Albini. "20 tracks, belted out in less than 37 minutes, there's barely enough time to catch a breath. Surf, garage, rock, Ennio Morricone-style Spaghetti Western, rockabilly and murder balladry - Precious Moments has all this and more." - PENNY BLACK MUSIC


  1. Guns Speak
  2. Dying Is Easy
  3. Glass Of Wine
  4. Red Cloth
  5. Little Sadie
  6. Cheat
  7. Cowhand
  8. Pretty Polly
  9. Clam Chowder
  10. Seventy-Six (Pretend To Have The Same Interests)
  11. Wagonwheel
  12. Snow Squadron
  13. Same Song
  14. Wrap Around
  15. Tell Her Lies & Feed Her Candy
  16. Rubber Bat
  17. Clear A Path
  18. Rabid Monkey
  19. Barbarosa
  20. Lil Cottontail

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